dragonlance outcasts

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the beginning

Zorra and Reia were having a normal day on the day of the celebration of the harvest. while out traveling they came upon a bunch of goblins surrounding an elf unconcious on the ground. the battled away the goblins and took the elf back to the forest camp to treat his wounds. They left him in the care of the tribal cleric who revived him to full health. later they returned to find this male elf meditating on the floor, and somewhat distant to the world. They noticed something strange about him, he has silver eyes, but outside that looks like any other elf. Reia and Zorra found his name to be Leanord, and discovered a not on him speaking of a dwarvish axe. They learned leanords story of escape and zorra was very distrusting of this person. They decided to travel the next day after the feast of the harvest, and investigate the claims of leanord in the nearby dwarven city of hillhome. After a short while traveling they came to the outskirts of hillhome where they faced off with some draconians, quickly killed them then entered into town.


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